Saturday, May 03, 2008

Phase one of the census for caribou populations found on the northern Peninsula including the Gregory Plateau, Gros Morne, St. Anthony, Hodges Hills and Hampton Downs herds are out.

An estimate of 10,400 caribou has been announced after caribou from the herds had been marked using a so called highly visible red paint. A ratio of marked animals to unmarked animals was used in the estimation technique and another will be used in June when the caribou herds return to their calving grounds.

Hopefully in the next 48 hours depending on weather conditions i'll be traveling to Gros Morne. I do this every year to take a few shots of the wildlife in the area. I enjoy my little trips and it'll be far from a scientific outing but it's great to know that i'm sure to see some when i get there. Besides the Caribou that area has probably the highest Moose density in the world with about 8,000 moose roaming in the park area. The camera batteries are charged, cameras stored and the first stop will be Big Stop, Deer Lake Irving to sip a coffee before daylight Monday morning.

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