Sunday, June 01, 2008

Maintenance time

This week i get some scheduled maintenance on my ocular prosthesis or as i prefer to call it,my artificial eye. Before i had one i called it a glass eye but i doubt if they exist here in North America anymore. Artificial eyes today are usually made of plastic. (acrylic) Custom artificial eyes are hand-crafted by highly skilled ocularists (eye makers) to precisely match the look of the natural eye. It's a procedure that usually requires several trips over two days to the Ocularist. With todays eyes the wearer does not have to remove it for months at a time. I do it more often because i spend a lot of time outdoors and sometimes pick up a few things that might irritate it. At first i wondered how it would be in some of the outdoor conditions but later found out i didn't have to worry. I been out riding the ATV in -35 C with the wind chill and it had no effect at all. So here's a video today for those who wonder how they're made and it might look painful to some but you don't feel a thing.


denise said...

where did you go wayne? missing your postings.

nadinebc said...

My Aunt had one just like this! She was diabetic and lost her eye to diabetic retinopathy.

Table Mountains said...

I have met quite a few people over the years and heard a few bizarre stories on eye lost. outside of medical ones i have heard of loosing an eye making homemade fireworks,(the guy lost a few fingers also)a little girl loosing one when someone threw a brick off an overpass through the car in which she was a passenger. a child sitting on the lawn and an object was thrown from a lawnmower. lawn darts,bb guns,slingshots,falling on sticks,etc. it can happen,pardon the pun,in the blink of an eye.