Sunday, June 22, 2008

Several years ago i put out a few posts on military forums asking for information on anyone who served on the Table Mountains near Cape Ray during WWII. A few weeks back i received a reply from a gentleman who did. I had some previous information on the RCAF who maintained the Radar Site there at that time but this time around i really got lucky. I got information from someone who served and actually helped construct the facility up there. The local paper will be doing a story of his time on the mountain soon. Names of some of his comrades were forgotten over the years but the name of a dog who became the Mascot (Skipper) of the Radar Detachment still remained in his memory. The soldier had a few photos of the dog as well. The above photo was taken Christmas Day,1944 . I colorized it to make it stand out more. Hopefully the local newspaper might run his story in the online site as well as the paper.

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