Monday, August 11, 2008

Toilet Festival Starts Today
August 11, 2008

The St. John's Toilet festival gets underway today. It's a week of events organized by Oxfam and dedicated to raising awareness about water and sanitation issues in developing countries.Organizers say dealing with such issues in the third world could help alleviate wide spread poverty and improve health and educational opportunities for young girls and women. They say such issues are constantly overlooked. Events planned this week include workshops, an open forum, benefit concert and a toilet photo scavenger hunt in downtown St. John's.

A Toilet festival by the Townies to raise awareness about water & sanitation issues in third world countries! Yet on the other end of the island where they live, 300 residents of a tiny community called Cape Ray have the same problems. So townies, especially those in the Confederation building,LOOK THIS WAY!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of toilet, shouldn't Mike Rowe be starring this event? It is a dirty job, after all. Anyway, what kinds of showcase toilets does it feature?