Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Will there be a Hebron Miracle tomorrow?
Will the rain cease on Qudi Vidi and the skies open,will the sun shine tomorrow?
(with apologies to songwriter Michael Lachiusa)

There will be a miracle
Stick around and see
You need patience for a miracle
Timing is the key

Could not have happened yesterday
And tomorrow is not too late
The moment has to be exact
And until then, we have to wait

You can never rush a miracle
You can't force a thing to be
I am desperate for a miracle
But it won't come just for me

We will all share the miracle
As everybody should
Little ones
Bay Men
Labrador Settlers
the ordinary little Newfie
Hungry souls and home care workers such as me

I always knew there would be a miracle
I wondered when and how
And I will see a miracle
There will be a miracle
If not soon, now

There will be a miracle
We will see a miracle
Wake me for the miracle
Wake me for the...

I apologize to anyone i may of left out. As we are use to hearing in NL it'll trickle down,like the miracle,just you wait and see.


Cameron Inquiry said...

Well, another one of Danny's gurantees falls short. Let me see, the Paper Mill would not leave Stephenville on his watch, rural Newfoundland and Labrador would thrive and Hebron would happen before Regatta. I guess he called the man above and asked for rain to give him an extra day.

Danny should deal with his gum-flapping policitians such as Joan Burke and Ross Wiseman and have them clean up their departments and to do the right things and resign.

Good Luck Danny! See you when you make your next promise and it doesn't come true.


Anonymous said...

the show has been canceled today. who knows,maybe an announcement on the MOU may come after all.