Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My brother recently asked me to get involved with a group of his friends in an online game called Travian. Not giving it much thought i decided to do so and now it looks like i 'm hooked on the darn thing. The aim of the game is to control a village and later others. It's much easier to form an alliance as we have done. The single player out there might not survive and just quit after a while becoming frustrated from attacks by groups in an alliance. Even our alliance have non aggression pacts with other alliances and diplomacy goes a long in surviving. Three tribes make up the Travian World, the Romans, the Gauls, and the Teutons. Each has their own characteristics and a different style of game play. The most amusing thing about it so far was that i caught a bunch of invaders trying to loot my village. I sent a message to the guy saying i would release them for some wheat. If he refused i would keep them and he would end up feeding them anyway. After a bit of online communication i found out he was just 16 and from Vermont. I told him my location and age and he replied," your awesome for an old guy!" Now you just can't get a better comment then that on the WWW today!


Anonymous said...

age or gender is not a factor in travian. i know a few all female alliances that are tough to beat. what server? what's your alliance name?

cranny maker,server 7

Table Mountains said...

server 3 iiWii clan

also got one on server 7 but that one i don't take serious. more or less, a practice one.( i'm doing far better on 77

Brian said...

But dont trust that Williams clan, will have you kneeling at their feet in no time ;-]