Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yesterday i had the privilege of escorting Les Misner and Ron Hunter a friend of his to the top of the Table Mountain over looking Cape Ray and The Gulf Of St. Lawrence. Les is the son of Sgt. Gordon Misner R168439 who spent 14 months of his life there during WWII. Gord Misner operated and maintained the Radio equipment during his service there.

Ron snaps a shot of Les placing a plaque for his father at the old WWII Radar.

Les flew in from Ontario and drove from St, Johns to Cape Ray where i met him beneath the mountain. Before we began our ATV ride to the top Les phoned his mother to say he was going to the Radar and would phone his father from that location. When we arrived Les sat beneath the Radar and phoned home to Ontario. The Wreckhouse winds gusted as Les dialed and the moment he had been waiting those months for was not quite what he expected.

His mother had to tell him the news she didn't mention earlier. Gord,his father, age 87, had fallen earlier and broke his hip. He was in the hospital and would have to have surgery soon.Ron and i walked to the edge of the mountain to view the scenery and Les talked to his mother. A moment so long awaited was not quite what neither of us really expected.
(Gord had surgery last night and seems to be coping well.)

Some photos of yesterdays excursion.


Brian said...

Nice moving story Wayne, great pics too.

g lomond said...

great story and many thanks for the link. we must of missed that edition of our paper.