Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year !

Looks like the ATV ride i made to the top of The Table Mountains yesterday will possibly be the last one until May of 2009. A winter storm is slowly approching and i suspect it'll dump a whole mess of snow on that mountain trail today. Captured that blog photo yesterday on the trail. An added bonus to be able to access it at all this time of year. I do look forward to the winter months to go capture a few winter photos and soon i'll get a new digital camcorder with a harddrive.


Brian said...

That's a great photo there Wayne. Will youi not be able to get up again for an after storm shot?

Table Mountains said...

the trail is usually inaccessible from december to even late may some years. this year the weather conditions are mild and the trail has no snow cover on the steeper elevations.