Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eye-catching highway billboards to be trashed (CLICK HERE FOR STORY)

Minister Kevin O'Brien "Our highways have many signs which were never permitted to be erected in the first place."

Tourism Minister Clyde Jackman "The purpose of signage is not to display the beauty of a sign," "The point of signage is getting people from Point A to Point B effectively."

On the way to work i see signs of Businesses that have been long gone by the sides of the TCH. Living in the shadow of the Wreckhouse i have seen them in the middle of the road at times after high winds. The Government placed a small sign or two telling of the winds in the area that can blow in excess of 200 kph but yet next to it is a sign 10 - 20 times in size advertising a hotel or coffee franchise. The signs that could save a life are not shown properly. So Mr. O'Brien and Jackman,how about putting some digital signs on both ends of the Wreckhouse and really help get people from Point A to Point B safely as well as effectively. You see there are many days here that don't happen. So lets not wait until someone dies before you think it's a great idea to do so.

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Anonymous said...

wayne your quite the advocate for this cause but i do believe someone will have to die first before anything is done. have you seen any other way in nfld before things are looked into?

sorry to see you go over in the you know what.