Sunday, June 28, 2009


Home Care Workers Concerns Being Addressed; Wiseman
June 28, 2009

The province's Health Minister, Ross Wiseman, says NAPE's concerns about progress in home care in the province are being addressed by the government. NAPE President Carol Furlong, at their Annual General Meeting this week, says they are waiting for government action on the report submitted last year. Wiseman says the province was moving on home care issues prior to that and have made significant investments in that sector. He says they increased capacity and investments in adjusting assessments for those using home care and also salary adjustments for workers, including one in July and another in 2010. Minister Wiseman says the notion that government's focus is only on the petroleum industry at the expense of other areas, such as home care, is not an accurate one. Wiseman says nothing could be further from the truth. In the last several budgets the government has made significant investments in home care and the care of seniors.

* I would like to know why the increase was not retroactive to April 1st.2009?

Wiseman is only applying Band- Aid solutions to Home Care.Wiseman,like previous Health Ministers just cannot grasp what Home Care does for this Province.

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Denise said...

bull is an accurate description of the increase in salary adjustment. they had to adjust or the salary would of been less then minimum wage.

about time you got back to blogging. missed you there.