Saturday, July 25, 2009

That's some fine Police work there Lou.

Early in July my son purchased several Bicycles for his children. Last week one was stolen from the front of his home and he contacted the RCMP in Port Aux Basques giving a description of the Bicycle. A week goes by and he decides to go to the Store where he purchased it from to get another. The guy who owns the store chats with him and they are over heard by another customer who asks what the Bicycle looks like. My son describes it and the guy says he has one identical by his home. He found it a week back and reported it to the RCMP and knows the kids who dumped it there. My son goes over to his place and it's the same one. Now i know a Bicycle worth less then $200 is not a major crime but after been reported lost and one reported found you would think the RCMP could of at least figured it out all by themselves? Yup,That's some fine Police work there Lou.

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Denise said...

lol wayne.they might give you a ticket now if they catch you.