Thursday, July 02, 2009

Those new HDTV's are great!

Swiss firefighters save elderly woman from her burning television by changing the channel

ZURICH (AP) — It must rank among the easiest fires ever to put out.

Zurich authorities say police and firefighters were called to the house of an elderly woman early Thursday after she reported her television set was burning.

When they arrived, they discovered no signs of fire or smoke.

They found instead that the TV was tuned into a German station that in the early morning hours aired the constant image of a fireplace.

"The fire was extinguished with the press of a button," police said in a statement.

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Brian said...

Oh! thanks for the correction Wayne. I had heard it was a Woman in Newfoundland who had called the local volunteer fire brigade :-].
Good to see you back more regular, though holidays are good for the soul.