Friday, January 29, 2010


Seal Protest Foiled 

A planned protest by PETA against the seal hunt was sabotaged by Cousin Jason of K-ROCK in St. John's this afternoon. A PETA protester, a young woman from Vancouver, was standing outside the Delta Hotel protesting the seal hunt holding a sign saying "Stop the Seal Slaughter" and was joined by someone dressed in a seal suit. The person dressed up turned out to be a Newfoundlander who took off the outfit saying "Down with PETA". She was visibly embarrassed but stayed in her location. Later someone from The Downhome magazine dressed as its mascot 'Salty Dog' came up and put a pie in her face. It caused quite a stir on New Gower Street and the RNC arrived to talk to the protestor.

Story from the Telegram.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals got a taste of its own tactics as one of its seal hunt supporters was pied in St. John’s, N.L., today.
A woman wearing a seal suit was waiting for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to arrive for a speech when a man in a yellow salty dog suit approached.
The seal hunt supporter shoved a cream pie into the woman’s face after knocking off the head of her seal costume.
The man then took off down the street.
Twenty-one-year-old Emily Lavender said she was happy to take a pie in the face for her cause.
PETA took credit earlier this week for hitting federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea in the face with a pie to protest her support for sealing.
Lavender held a sign that said: “Harper Stop the Seal Slaughter” as a handful of seal hunt supporters counter protested.
Lavender doesn’t think it was over the line to pie Shea.
“It was a little tofu on her face,” she said. “It’s not nearly as embarrassing as the blood on her hands. And it’s time she stop supporting the largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet.”
Wallace Ryan of St. John’s told Lavender to leave, that she was embarrassing herself.
He wore a T-shirt that said: “If seals were ugly, nobody would give a damn.”
“We’re here to point out that PETA has incited violence and hate against Newfoundland and Labrador for years,” he said.
Sealers rely on the spring hunt economically, Ryan said, and PETA has no right to interfere

I do hope if we get a PETA protest in our area it'll be the chick in the above photo. I would wipe the Pie off her if ol Salty Dog slapped her with one.


Charlie Cheeseman said...

This was bound to happen, and they did ask for it. But this was done with more humour than their own hate filled motivations.

Denise said...

it was funny and at least it was just a pie.i am glad it went no farther and no one was hurt.they call us barbarians but yet this woman came and protested in our capital and this was the only thing that happened.they have called for te death of sealers in the past.