Tuesday, January 12, 2010

With an estimated 700 Moose/Vehicle accidents a year in the Province you would expect the Government to seriously look at a Cull along side of our Highways in the Province. Apparently we will be getting one soon and not because of the Moose Vehicle Accidents but simply because the Moose are eating the the trees that grow in our National Parks.

I shot the above photo in Gros Morne National Park last May. It's a good example of what the Moose are doing there and no doubt the population is high in that area. It's possible to see 80 along the roadside from Wiltondale to Rocky Harbor.

Hopefully the Government will take into consideration the people who live within the boundaries of the two Parks and only allow the additional licenses to be issued to those residents.

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Wisewebwoman said...

Getting caught up with you, TM, and those pics of yours are gorgeous.
I drove through the Wreckhouse area in fear and terror many times but it is awesome.
Let me know how you enjoy The Badger Riot.