Monday, February 15, 2010


Farewell and thanks for the memories. Years ago when the news in this Province was pretty dismal you always gave us a little smile when you came on the airwaves. I blogged about Billy back in 2006.

Well-Known Open Line Caller Passes Away

A long-time caller to VOCM's open line shows, and a well-known local character has died. Bill "The Moon Man" Sweeney passed away suddenly at St. Clare's hospital on Saturday. He was 72. Bill was a frequent caller to VOCM Nite Line in particular, and former host, the late George MacLaren, was the man who gave him his famous moniker for Sweeney's contention that man never landed on the moon. Bill endeared himself to many, and alienated just as many people with his sometimes argumentative style, all inflected with a devilish sense of humour and a skewed look at life. Bill Sweeney is resting at Barrett's Funeral Home from where the funeral will take place on Wednesday at 12 noon.


Brian said...

I wondered what became of the Moon Man. I did not always understand where he was coming from with many of his calls to Bill Rows show, but I always loved the way he got in Bills craw some times resulting in Bill hanging up on him.

Table Mountains said...

bill sweeney knew he had a lot of followers who liked him.many nights i heard callers protest when bill was cut off or banned for a while.they didn't actually agree with him but liked the humor in all of it.i remember my father grinning all the way through some of billys calls knowing he was irritating someone out there listening to him. i remember one of the liberal bloggers here in blogroll actually asking a radio moderator why they let billy continue and that made me grin.

Maverick said...

He will be missed