Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Yeah i know,more sarcasm.

VOCM NEWS:::::::: Premier to Undergo Surgery

Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week, and he's expected to be out of office anywhere from three weeks to three months. Acting Premier Kathy Dunderdale says Williams is the US for the surgery. Dunderdale says the prognosis is good. She says he went to the States following the advice of his physician, and the option to stay here in the province was not given. Dunderdale says the day to day operations of the province will continue as usual, and she is asking Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to keep the Premier in their thoughts and prayers. She declined to get into specifics of the surgery or exactly where it will take place. She says there will be a period of recovery, and then the Premier will address the situation.  Dunderdale says there will be no quick action taken on any issues including any byelections. The resignation of MHA Elizabeth Marshall to go to the Senate, has left the Topsail riding vacant. Dunderdale says the business of government will go on. They do have legislative deadlines to meet but they will wait until they have a better idea of what the Premier's recovery time will be. Dunderdale says they will not get ahead of themselves. Dunderdale says those who are criticizing the Premier's decision to seek treatment in the United States, rather than here in the province, need to reserve their judgement until all the details of his condition are revealed. She says the Premier has full confidence in the province's medical system and he was very grateful to the health professionals who have treated him so far. Dunderdale says the procedure he has to undergo is not offered here. She says people need to have patience until the details are out.

The Opposition Parties are wishing Williams a speedy recovery. Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones says her thoughts and prayers are with the Premier and his family. NDP Leader Lorraine Michael says at this point she doesn't have any concerns about the operations of government.

 Hopefully our Premier will come out of this ok and be back to work soon. A Facebook site has already been put up for those who wish to comment. Click on the link to go there.

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