Monday, April 04, 2011

Increased moose licences would threaten industry: outfitters

Newfoundland and Labrador outfitters say an increase in moose-hunting licences would be a major setback for the industry.

Ron Hicks, president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitters Association, said he’s heard rumours that the provincial government may increase the number of moose licences available for the 2011 season by 5,000 permits over its current level of 28,220, a move that would threaten provincial outfitters, he said.
“It takes away our most competitive advantage, that is a high success rate, the highest in the world, actually,” he said, adding that residents’ success rate is about 70 per cent and non-residents’ success rate is 85 per cent. “That’s pretty much what draws the non-resident hunter to Newfoundland. Newfoundland is not the easiest place to get to; it’s costly to get here. It’s cumbersome to get here, and that’s the one drawing card that we do have.”
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