Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Randell optimistic she'll get wheelchair accessible van

I have never met the lady in person but have communicated with her on Internet Forums over the years. Hopefully Penny will get her wish.


CORNER BROOK — Pennie Randell spends most of her days inside her home working on her computer.
The Corner Brook woman would love to get out, but can’t.
Randell, who is originally from Bide Arm on the Northern Peninsula, has muscular dystrophy.
She’s lived in the city with her sister Marsha Gillingham and her family for 15 years.
Randell’s confined to a wheelchair and that, combined with a permanent ventilator, makes getting out of the house difficult.
In the summer she’ll spend some time outside with her two nieces, but going out in the yard or on the sidewalk are about as far as she can go.
That’s because Randell has no other means of transportation. Trips to the doctor or hospital for appointments have to be arranged by ambulance.
Randell will soon be 48 and last year Marlene Burton, a high school friend, started a campaign to raise money to buy Randell a wheelchair accessible van. More of the story,click here >>>

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Sharecroppermike said...

Thanks Wayne. Good to see you do this. I've offered to do an ugly stick workshop for Pennie.....I suggested she get an organizer and I'll do the rest..presentation and fun etc. All people have to bring is a mop. If you know anyone in your area who can produce a fun(d)raiser, I'll be there. Keep up the good blog and stuff in and about Nfld...awesome me son!!!~Mike