Monday, October 24, 2005


Jess said...

Very nice site Wayne. Some good information there!

Table Mountains said...

hey jess,your my first guest!thanks for dropping by.

April Keeping said...

That is absolutley beautiful website. Job well done. You are very creative.

MacArthur said...

Hi Wayne,

I have listed your blog on my website. You'll find yourself among the NL Bloggers: in the Blog: section.

I enjoyed your photos on webshots as well.

Good luck!

Live strong and have a nice day, - "Nil carborundum illegitimi"!


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Melanie Bates said...

WOW Wayne,
what an awful lot of wonderful job you've done and are doin. Alot of great info and stories that do the area proud and newfoundland as well...ive only read a portion an will look at it again and agin in my favs...and yer ever are lovely. Keep up the good work love....
Blue...Mel Bates