Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weather warnings are up, as our region awaits the arrival of what's left of Hurricane Wilma.Looks like high winds and rain for the island.Once again im sure we'll see tractor trailers blown off the road in the Wreckhouse area.For some unknown reason truckers just don't get the message and suffer the consequences of their actions.
For wind conditions and a forecast of the Wreckhouse check here http://text.weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/forecast/city_e.html?nf-18


NL-ExPatriate said...

Awesome site!
I used to spend summers out around Cape Ray with my dad Bill Byrne, when he was working in the pit out there doing upgrades to the rail bed.

The history and scenery of NL never fails to amaze me. Thank-You for the photo's! Brings back alot of great memories.

What do you think of my suggestion to plant a wind break forest in the wreck house area? Or to put a bog berm along the highway to cut down on road closures? The bog berm would be similar to the Anti tank ditches we used to make in the military. 10 Km a day easily in bog.

Table Mountains said...

hello nl-expatriate.can you give me a link to your blog on the wreckhouse.i can't seem to find it.

NL-ExPatriate said...

It was lumped in with TLH rock cuts, and Cable guard rails


Not much there other than what I stated in comments on your blog.

I did email my suggestions to our government with no return comfirmation.

I am vaguely familiar with the wreck house. from what I can recall there is a barren/Bog extending 5-7 km's up to the valleys where the winds come from?

Now inorder for a tree wind break to work there would have to be alot of trees planted a whole forest in reality.

They might become Bonzai trees like you would see on the northern peninsula. Even Bonzai trees would help cut down on the wind some what.

An Immediate solution would be the Berm along that stretch of highway.

It could even be done by the Military/Militia (St John's has a Engineer regiment) because essentially it would be an anti tank ditch. And a very easy one to dig what with it being Bog. Might be best if it was done in the winter to allow for heavy equipment to work.

Table Mountains said...

the bog piled on the easterly side of the road on one short stretch there should give shelter from the winds.the trouble is that when the Southeasters blow the conditions start before you reach the cape ray intersecton and go well into the codroy valley area.
a digital wind warning sign was proposed years ago by the marine and mountain zone corporation in port aux basques to be installed warning truckers of the winds and showing velocity in the area but never followed through with.
link to their forum here.