Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bill Matthews Calls It Quits
April 3, 2007
from the VOCM website:

After 25 years in public life, Random-Burin-St. George's MP Bill Matthews is calling it quits. Matthews announced this morning he will not be seeking a seat in the next next federal election. Matthews was first elected in 1982 in the provincial district of Grand Bank, and later switched to federal politics in 1997. He said following eight elections it's time for him to leave politics. Conservative MP Norm Doyle has already announced he won't be running again either.

Cynthia Downey who ran against Mr.Matthews in the lastFederal election has recently withdrawn from the Conservative nomination process here in the riding. Ms. Downey said she could not ask the people of her riding to support the Harper Government after he failed to live up to his promises on NL equalization. Maybe Cynthia Downey should seek the Liberal nomination here in Random-Burin-St. Georges.


Anonymous said...

strange that matthews is cashing it in. with the recent discontent over the conservatives,surely his next election would be easier.

Anonymous said...

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