Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From the VOCM News SITE:

Ontario Must Work With Metis on Lower Chruchill Project; Montague
April 17, 2007

Labrador Metis Nation President Chris Montague says Ontario will see no power from the Lower Churchill without the involvement of the Labrador Metis. Montague issued the warning at the Opportunities to Develop Renewable Energy Projects with First Nations, Industry, and Government Partnerships conference in Toronto yesterday. He told the delegates Labrador Metis have to be "meaningfully included" in the project before it can proceed. Montague also spoke about what he called Premier Danny Williams' failure to honour commitments to the Metis in Labrador. He says Williams promised to honour harvesting rights and to work with the group to promote communities and culture. Montague also provided an overview of the proposed Height of Land Wind Park. The $2.5 billion proposed project involves a partnership between the LMN and Ventus Energy.

Recently Tom Rideout said Newfoundland and Labrador cannot deal with Labrador Metis Nation claims until Ottawa moves forward first. Im sure the majority of us here in the province don't really know what to make of it all at times. Most don't really know if the Metis have a legitimate claim on the lands or not. I do think in the pass the NL Government have negotiated with them on forestry and harvesting agreements along with certain rights to hunt on Crown lands.I guess if that was the case,they must of been recognized as a group with legitimate claims to the land in order to do that. Maybe if the province pushed the issue then Ottawa would step in and finally give them the status they want. Who would gain from this? We all would!

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