Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thanks Tom, you gave a 14% wage increase to help the minimum wage go up to $8.00 per hour in NL but no sign of giving an increase to thousands of home support workers whose wages are mostly $8.04 per hour.That slap in the face is of course compensated for by giving us free Death Certificates.


Anonymous said...

"for a while there a fellow could have a bit of respect for him. he was urging action, insisting that unspecified solutions are within our grasp. now he's just shooting off his mouth at any type of solution. he was a vice president for 8 years and never really solved anything on those one friggin old academy award and you think you know it all."

Wayne I get over and read the kitchen every now and then always nice seeing people bash the States, if you fucking clowns over there really know anything it would suprise the shit out of me....Canada is number 7 on the list of nations that produce the most Greenhouse gases....just think number 7 and with a population of less than 34 million...where the fuck would you be if there were 100 million people....probably in first place.

The Vice President has no real power he cannot sign bills nor can he veto them...not taking up for Gore... but some facts for you.

Anonymous said...

"He needs to clean up his own back yard first since the states are one of the worlds biggest polluters except he probably doesn't have as much of an audience down there."

Another brilliant statement by a mental giant.......Do not forget to tell Andrew Canada ranks #7 with only 34 million people...

Table Mountains said...

that you JC? : )


Anonymous said...

The worst polluters on the planet in year 2005
Nation Year 2005
metric ton CO2
per person per year Year 2005
population Year 2005
total fuel combustion
(Tg CO2 Eq) Year 2005
total fuel combustion
(trillion kg)

United States 27.1 300,000,000 8130.0 8.1300
Canada 25.2 32,000,000 806.4 0.8064
Russia 17.0 141,553,000 2406.4 2.4064
Germany 15.0 82,560,000 1238.4 1.2384
Japan 13.0 127,914,000 1662.9 1.6629
China 3.5 1,322,173,000 4627.6 4.6276
Total 2,006,3000,000 18871.7 18.8717
Total worldwide 30.0
33% of the world population contributes to 63% of CO2 pollution
Some more facts about polluters and where Canada cleanup your own act before you start complaining about someone else...

Anonymous said...

start a quick forum and i'll invite a few einsteins over from the DH. : )

Anonymous said...

The problem here is all of you Newfies think you are the moral authority al all issues regardless what they may be, you shoot your fucking mouths off without any knowledge of what you are talking about.

I guess that comes from all of the brain-washing that went on during the Trudea years when he made everyone believe that Canada was some self righteous nation, which infact they are no better or worse than any other nation, the only difference is that Canada is a bunch of sneaky little bastards, so why not crawl back into your igloo or go and chase the elusive Cod, maybe bang a few Seals in the head, so you will have a pair of Muck-A Luks to wear this coming winter.