Thursday, July 19, 2007

Down to the Wire.

Just over 16 months ago a group of us decided to plan a Come Home Year Celebration for our community,Cape Ray. Our population is just 343 with hundreds of former residents living elsewhere around the globe. The invitations went out, replies came back and tomorrow we'll see the results of 16 months of hard work by a small group. The only obstacle we had no control over was the weather. In more primitive times i suspect a group such as ours could sacrifice some poor animal to the Gods of weather and hope for a good outcome. Since it's 2007 we decided to ask a guy who might be able to influence the Weather Gods. The only one we knew who might just have connections was that Great Weather Icon Karl Wells so we sent him a card asking him to use his influence and snag us a few days of great weather. During the next week or so i'll try and post photos of our community celebrations in my Blog. I suspect it's our first and last big celebration because of our dwindling population but for now we'll just take it one day at a time.

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denise said...

wayne you are quite the character. weather gods,lol.i hope you get good weather but if not i suspect you'll all have a good time anyway.heard you guys have the isle mort boys playing there.