Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today marks the 91st anniversary of Beaumont Hamel.


Anonymous said...

"we might be in the top ten but we can still use a lot of improvements in cases. on july 7/2006 i went to see a surgeon and he recommended that i have surgery. the guy than took holidays leaving me waiting for months before i had a date scheduled in november. waiting times are the biggest issue in most cases. my opinion."

Where did you get that figure the WHO as Canada as number 30.

Anonymous said...

Stop over at the Wright Family website and check out the new videos that were made at the Winlock, WA bluegrass festival back on June the 2nd, you do not have to put this in your blog, it is the only way I have to communicate with one of my favorite Newfies, have a good day, going to the Ocean for a few days and yes we have one of them here, in-fact the biggest one on the planet.