Monday, July 30, 2007

Rubus Chamaemorus

Today i decided to introduce my granddaughter to the world of wild berries. Along the Cape Ray seashore Bakeapples are ripening and on a hot day you can actually smell the aroma in the air. They ripen here in July but on the Table Mountains near our community it might take a week or two extra because of the elevation. I can remember as a child going out with the family on a Sunday afternoon and filling buckets with the berries.
Bakeapples/Cloudberry are native to most of the northern circumpolar areas. They are also found in Scandinavia, Siberia/Russia, Canada and the USA (Alaska and New Hampshire). It has also been observed in Greenland and Spitzbergen. Hopefully in the next few days i'll be able to go out and pick a few gallons. Today however i will post a few photos i shot this morning of them here.


Anonymous said...

big news in a cape breton town.a berry ripens. at least it beats a drive by shooting in which a kid dies.

Table Mountains said...

actually it's in a newfoundland community. i agree with your second comment.


nadinebc said...

Love those berries. Haven't had them in ages though.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic's Wayne, I bet you are real proud of your Grand-Daughter, the berries or bake apples as you call them sorta remind me of the days I was growing up in Tennessee, we had some that were similar to the bake apples and they also grew close to the ground but were black when they were ripe.

I did get a subscription to the downhomer but have not joined the kitchen as of yet because we sold our house and are in the process of moving, it probably will be after I return from Tennessee before I make it in.

I plan on driving and heading out towards Utah with a stop off at Bryce and Zion National parks and especially a stop off at Monument Valley.

I will have the movie camera with me setup in the truck so I can get plenty of footage, so stay tuned for a tour through the old southwest and then once in Tennessee I will be going over to Cades Cove in the Great Smokies for more footage....your old friend SW

Table Mountains said...

let me know in advance when you sign up and the nic you use. i'll make a welcoming thread. i predict a great turnout. : )

Anonymous said...

Wayne you will be the first one to know and hopefully you will plan a grand welcome upon my return.

I will be heading towards the hills of Tennessee on the 25th of August, and once there I will post some of the videos that I took along the way.

Here are a couple that I made last year.

Click here to play video for the North Cascades

and here

denise said...

it's been a few years since i had bakeapples. we can buy different types of berrys in stores here but nothing like i will crave for them.i wonder what type of vitamins are in them?i read that nfld blueberrys are the best in th world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne

I should be hitting the kitchen sometime next week, in the process of moving at the moment, let me run a couple of nick's by you and let me know what you think.

1. Loose W.Cannon
2. Kennebunkport Kowboy
3. Lli' Snippy
4. Texas Prairie Monkey
5. Chimpy McSmirkster

These are the top 5.


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See u soon

Table Mountains said...

Loose W.Cannon seems appropriate.

let me know what you choose and i will make an announcement thread a few days prior. make them all wonder who's droping in.

Anonymous said...

Will do...I sorta like that one also.