Thursday, June 28, 2007

A group of us in the community have organized a Come Home Year celebration for 2007. Our CHY Celebration is set to run from July 2O/ 2007 - July28/2007 and a great number of events are being scheduled for that time span. Cape Ray has a population of 343 and it's been difficult at times getting things into place. With just a few weeks to go everyone is wondering how it'll all turn out. We expect our community population to double, maybe triple during the event and with the out migration suspect it'll be our first and last event organized at home on such a scale. The community is already showing positive signs with flags and banners hanging from poles and fences along the roads. So for my Blog readers a message."If your in the area at this time please drop in and witness the wonders of a little NL community and all its beauty. Someday it might be gone forever."


Anonymous said...

What are the current concerns among patients?

A: Waiting times to see specialists and for diagnostic tests have become a point of issue for Canadians. According to a study by the Fraser Institute, a conservative think tank, such waiting times have increased from 13.1 weeks in 1999, to 17.7 weeks in 2003, to 17.9 in 2004. Long waits to undergo elective surgery have also become an issue in recent years, as have crowded emergency rooms in the country's largest cities.

One response to these concerns on the part of patients has been to seek treatment in the United States or overseas. While "medical tourism" is derided by some in Canada as queue-jumping, others see it as a legitimate means of dealing with the healthcare system's shortcomings. The province of Alberta currently reimburses patients who have sought medically necessary physician, oral surgery, and hospital services not immediately available in Canada.

The frequency of adverse events, or errors in treatment that might harm the patient or the outcome of their treatment while hospitalized, has also raised concerns in regards to the country's healthcare system, both among healthcare workers and patients.

If you are so great why the long wait times and did Moore provide that specific info about Canada in his latest endeavor to bull-shit people.

Anonymous said...

Wayne the last 1 1/2 that I was in the work force I worked as a telecom technician in one of the top Children's Hospital anywhere in the Americas, it was non-profit and had state of the art equipment, during my stay there I seen children come through with all kinds of sickness, children from all over the States and foreign countries not once did you ever see them turned away because of the in-ability to pay for the service of a doctor regardless if they could pay or not.

The hospital employed a staff of translators to deal with patients and families who could not speak English. Before I left the hospital opened its new Ambulatory wing, the new wing was built with money donated by Bill and Melinda gates and carries Melinda’s name, I’m sure none of this was mentioned in Michael Moore’s movie. I am also sure Moore never once mentioned the fact that no hospital can deny service to a family whether they can pay or not, that is not Moore’s way to tell the truth and it has been proven again and again with the movies that he produces which are full of half truths and lies and to this day it amazes me why people buy into his lies and half truths.

Last but not least I have been in the hospital at Corner Brook and it looks like a warehouse compared to our worst hospital here in the States.

Brian said...

On the topic at hand: Have a great time and hope all your hard work is appreciated, and hope the small communities do not go the way of the dodo. Some time soon people will see the error in centralization.

denise said...

wtf! am i missing something here wayne? fraser institute,warehouses,corner brook health care?

Table Mountains said...

the above comment posts come from threads in the downhomer kitchen. anon can't post there because all his $$$'s are spent in health care and he just can't afford the subscription. : ) after paying those high medical costs.

Genevieve said...

Greetings from Kentucky, USA, and good luck with your homecoming celebration.