Thursday, June 07, 2007

After a stressful day i like to go to bed and listen to VOCM Night Line. Something about those nice relaxing funeral home advertisements always put to me to sleep. Of course in between i have to listen to the callers each taking a turn to call in. It usually starts with a call saying "the sky is falling."It's usually followed up a few minutes later by another caller claiming the sky is not falling and not only is it not falling,the sky was never there to begin with! It's difficult for the average Joe like myself to sort out the Bull foisted upon the airwaves. Some of the callers have such a soothing voice they should actually look into doing those funeral home advertisements for those of us who need our rest. The top Bull story of last evening came from a guy called Paul who claimed to of seen 352 Moose on the Northern Peninsula near the St. Anthony Airport. The last caller to the show claimed Paul was over doing it on the Bull and once again the sky was not falling. Some nights an ordinary Joe like myself can only take the word of Billy the Moon Man when he tries to drift off into his nights rest. RIP.


lori said...

I just drove that road today. Grand total of moose sightings - 12.

Anonymous said...

Tonight the seven wonders have been revealed.

The winners are (not in any specific order):

The Canoe
Niagara Falls
The Rockies
The Igloo
Old Quebec City
Pier 21
Prairie Skys

Looks like they opted for man made wonders over natural wonders (Ratio 4/3). They didn't take into consideration public votes in the top seven. Image
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Posted: Friday, June 08, 2007 at 01:05 am
thanks for the list NE,,,I was to peeved off to list them..LOL...I feel bad for the folks here in Thunder Bay who thought for sure they would make the list...I didn't think the judges would ignore the fact that the vote was so fact, they didn't even consider the vote count in their decison I am wondering why we even voted at all...the three of them didn't need our help...I like the choices though, Canada has many wonders, that's what makes this wonderful Country so unique...

Maybe Canada does have some wonders who knows, but they do not have a natural wonder that ranks in the top 7 in the world like the good old US of A now do they??????

lori said...

Moose update: 8 kms driven; 15 moose sighted. It kind of is a problem.