Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glacier Girl

Here's an interesting one! 65 years after taking off a P-38 Lightning aircraft might just completes its mission. The P38 was one of eight aircraft forced to land in Greenland after encountering weather while en route to Britain in July 1942. The 8 aircraft became buried under 80 meters of ice and snow but 15 years ago the remains of one, renamed Glacier Girl, were dug up. Bob Cardin, led an American expedition that dug the plane out and after a decade using 80% of its original parts got it airborne again. The plane had previously flown at air shows in the United States and is now in Happy Valley,Goose Bay,NL where its ill-fated mission started out in 1942.

Youtube video of GlacierGirl.


Anonymous said...

A nice video for you NC
Press 1 for English

Table Mountains said...

i'll be sure to take english classes if i decide to live in the USA.

: )

Anonymous said...

looks like glacier gal is back in goose with mechanical troubles. saw it on the news hour this evening.thanks for posting the story,otherwise i doubt if i would of noticed it.