Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 6/1986

The photo above was taken June 6/1986 when we still had a railway running across our island. I was stationed in Howley at the time and each morning our work crew would leave at 6 am to travel to the Gaff Topsails area to repair the railbed. The days prior to June 6th had been terrible weather wise and each day we returned sore and cold.The trips by speeder to the Gaff usually took a hour and we got blasted by the winds on the open trolley. On the morning of June 6th we awoke to see the community covered in snow and one of the senior guys said we could expect much more on the way up to the Summit. The trip that usually took one hour turned into several before we got stuck in the snow at Kittys Brook far below the Gaff. Our Speeder had its ice wheels removed weeks before and it simply could not tow our Trolleys. Nine of us stayed at Kittys Brook while the speeder made the attempt to go ahead.We spent the remaing hours of that morning viewing the Moose and Caribou that wandered around near by or simply chatted.After that day the weather changed and each morning seemed to be better than the last. 21 years have gone by,but i seem to remember that day in June very clear.Strange how some days always remain fresh in our minds.

Photo: (front roll.) Ed Saunders,Jim Snow,Wayne Osmond,Fred Boone,Charlie Riles.
(back roll) Gary Gilliam,Jim Bragg,Larry taken by Elias Osmond.

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Anonymous said...

that's an interesting story. i heard the name gaff topsoils before but now i know more about it.i can now put a face to that character newfie confusues from the downhomer. that would be a great story to post in the kitchen also.