Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Joys of a Newfoundland Summer

Granddaughter and i have been doing quite a few little hikes lately and sometimes they stretch for kilometers.
We have several easy to moderate hiking trails here that offer great views of the Table Mountains and the seashore near the Community. She recently turned six and each little hike brings more questions. Most of them have to do with the wildflowers that grow in the area. I was surprised at how many i did not actually know the names of so i asked for a bit of advice on a book. The one recommended was "Wildflowers of Newfoundland & Labrador" by Peter Scott with illustrations by Dorothy Black. I even managed to pick the field guide version up of it locally and we have taken it out on a few hikes so far. So today i'll post some pics of a few recent hikes we have taken.


Denise said...

lived in the area for many years but never saw most of it until i viewed your photos here or on your website.maybe when i return i will appreciate what i left behind the first time. thank you

Table Mountains said...

last fall i shut down our community forum after the CHY celebrations ended. i received many phone calls and emails asking me why? it was ironic because most of them never took the time to make one post there while it was up for over 16 months. a lot of the ex-residents living elsewhere actually asked where some of the photos where taken. when i told them just a few hundred yards from their homes in some instances they were shocked.i guess were all sort of like that at times.