Monday, July 07, 2008

Table Mountain ATV Ride

A Friend and i recently made a six hour ATV excursion on the Table Mountains near Cape Ray. Here are a few shots to give you an idea of what the Table Mountain actually looks like up there. Most view it from the Trans-Canada Highway as they drive by and must wonder what it's like. Quite a few Glacier carved valleys stretch a kilometer or so into the massive wall that stretches up the west coast of the island. Near Cape Ray the flat surface allows the wind to pick up speeds and funnel down through those valleys. It can reach speeds up to 200 kph by the time it drops the 1700 + feet.

I recently blogged about a soldier who served there during WWII and his story of that era was printed in our local newspaper today. Click here to view it.


Brian said...

From up the top you would think you were roaming the hills up here.
Nice pictures of a very dematic part of the province.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of parts of the Scottish Highlands with its lochs.

Roger W. Gardner said...

Hello Wayne. Thanks for coming on Radarsite and commenting. It's obvious that we share a deep sense of awe about this part of Newfoudland. My memories of those days spent on Table Mountain in 1959-61 with the USAF have stayed with me my whole life.

Nice meeting you.
Roger W. Gardner