Friday, July 18, 2008

A company led by a Newfoundlander is poised to market a water-powered personal recreational jet-pack that allows people to fly. says the device will be “the jet ski of 2020.”

Raymond Li, who moved to Newfoundland in 1978, says the technology he helped create works, and his company is completing development of a model that will soon be offered for sale worldwide.

With a demonstration model being planned to be ready for market in two to three months, Li wouldn’t give a formal interview, citing a marketing strategy that involves keeping the project “under wraps” until it is publicly launched.

Li, who lives in St. John’s, is working in Florida (he says mainly for climactic reasons) on the jet-pack which he believes could have huge potential as a recreational device. The technology, which Li has named JetLev (an abbreviation of jet levitation), involves a personal, strap-on backpack that can levitate a person above water using a simple, water-based jet propulsion technology. ,,,,More Here.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently considered licensing our recreational cod fishery in NL Apparently officials discovered the amount of fish caught using Rocket Packs could be much more then by the old methods. This came about when DFO Officials recently intercepted an email between Jim Morgan to members of the Rural Rights and Boat Owners Association. The email claimed that rules of just 15 Cod per boat would not apply to the Recreation Fishery if they went over the water using the new Rocket Packs.

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maybe glorious leader could be the first to strap the jet pack on. may i suggest the churchill river. food for thought.