Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Charlie Brown animated Christmas cartoon first appeared in 1965 and like wine seems to improve with age.Charles Schulz the creator wanted A Charlie Brown Christmas to have the religious meaning that was central to his own experience of Christmas. And though the special was made in California, Schulz wanted it to include snowy scenes that recalled his native Midwest.
It was criticized as being too religious—Linus quotes straight from the bible (Luke 2:8-14). It was criticized for featuring contemporary jazz, an offbeat choice for a cartoon. It was criticized for not having a laugh track. It was criticized for using the voices of real children (except for Snoopy, who was voiced by animator Melendez).I wonder if it would of even been created in todays world? If so my guess it would of been called Charlie Browns Holiday Special,bible references would probably be non existent.OK, so back to topic i intended.......Charlie Brown spends most of his time in the cartoon bemoaning the loss of the true Christmas spirit to commercialism and greed, and no matter what his friends do to try and cheer him up, he walks through the holiday season depressed. That was in 1965! Will Charlie your a cartoon character and you never grew old like the rest of us.(excuse me for talking to fictional characters) Today it's not the commercialism you would have to worry about but the the so called politically correct who would want to change so many things in that cartoon.In todays world Charlie,you would be offending so many that i doubt if all you cartoon characters in your special would get to appear.(Once again,please excuse me for talking to cartoon characters,this is my blog so i can talk to whoever i like!) Will Charlie ol boy it looks like your on TV again this week and my two granddaughters will get to see you like i did 40 years ago. Hell Charlie, i heard they even digitally remastered you,that's pretty good for a blockhead!

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