Thursday, December 15, 2005

I remember as a kid in the 60's receiving a camera for a Christmas gift.I think it was called a 110 camera and by late afternoon of Christmas day i had 24 black & white pictures ready to go to the local drugstore to be developed. Several weeks later i got the call saying "your photos are ready."It was bout 3 miles to that place (up hill,both ways!) and i ran that distance in record time.The 24 photos soon became 9 photos and several of them were kind of fuzzy. However it did not discourage me and i saved money to buy color film for my next big photo shoot. The results did not change much and seldom did i ever get more then half the photos on a roll of film the way i wanted to. In my teens another great modern invention came on the scene,the polaroid camera,capable of taking colored images and you could have the results in a minute. Still some photos showed a bit fuzzy and the price of self developing film was not exactly cheap. Over the years i purchased several more cameras , a few 35 mm ones.If i went hunting or to work in the morning i would try and have one in the glove box of my vehicle. In 1999 i purchased my first digital camera a 2 MP Kodak DC 280 and shot over 13,000 photos with it. The price at that time was about $1,400.oo and i considered it a bargain.This spring i purchased a 5 MP Kodak for half that price! Todays shots can be viewed or deleted in a second!The photographer has many options and can print them now even without the use of a PC. I prefer to carry mine to Wallmart and have them printed(much cheaper then i can do myself) i sometimes wonder where it will all lead? Technology changes so fast! I remember the discussions in high school of the future,talking about telephones that you might actually see the other caller on. I think we went quite a ways past that tech thing and im sure in a decade we'll see other surprises that i can't even dream of at the minute in typing this.

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tracy said...

I'm such a loser. I don't have a camera right now. Well I have one, but it's old and cheap and not digital. So now I have to buy disposable cameras. Someday I'm going to break down and spend the money and get a good one. But as long as I'm charging groceries, that's out of the question.