Monday, November 12, 2007

Black Tickle
A town on Death Row

At times here i actually wonder if my community will survive another decade and at least several times a year i ask my wife should we at least consider moving to Port Aux Basques, a nearby larger town. The 15 minute commute irritates me at times and i am sure it does to others here as well. We have just over 300 residents and i suspect almost 100% employment because of work in nearby communities. Outside the daily commuting we do and no real clean source of drinking water, life here is pretty good compared to how the people of Black Tickle,Labrador have it today. A recent article and video in the Globe & Mail shows how the people of this small island community in my province are trying to survive each day. So today i ask all my Blog viewers to click on the link and look at the situation the people of Black Tickle face daily.

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Anonymous said...

An eye opener Wayne.Thank you for posting the G&M story.