Wednesday, November 07, 2007

SO,who gets custody of a foreskin?

November 6, 2007 ·

The Oregon Supreme Court hears oral arguments Tuesday from this case in which a father who wants his 12-year-old son to be circumcised. His ex-wife — the boy's mother — is fighting the request. Oregon Public Broadcasting's Colin Fogarty reports.

Four national Jewish groups have filed a joint amicus briefs supporting the father's right as custodial parent to make the decision for his son. The boys father is an attorney and will argue the case himself. The boys mother has appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court, arguing against the circumcision. She claims that their son really does not want to undergo the procedure, but is afraid to defy his father. Dad claims the boy wants his weiner sliced and diced. Some crazy friggin book written thousands of years ago sure causes a lot of problems. Hopefully in this case the courts will make the kid wait until he's 18. At that time he can have the procedure if he wishs and get a cool tattoo and a few piercings in the same area. Problem solved, next case please.


Anonymous said...

You my Newfie friend are wiser than King Solomon.Although i suspect Solomon may of threatened to cut off the whole thing to see who loved the Foreskin the most.

nadinebc said...

Gah! Sounds like your average tug o'war of divorced parents.