Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Newfoundland Trailway
Out and about every spare chance i have been getting lately.Yesterday a friend and i finally coordinated a few hours off together and made a short ATV excursion along a section of the Newfoundland Trailway known as the Wreckhouse Trail. This section of the trail extends for 24 kilometers from Port Aux Basques to the Wreckhouse area and passes through the salt water lagoons and sandy beaches before almost coming in contact with the Table Mountains north of Cape Ray.
A few shots of yesterdays Trailway Scenery.

My friend in the distance coming to meet up with me.

Cooking up a fry of Moose on an outdoor fire.


Brian said...

Ever crossed the causeway in a stiff 110k wind Wayne?
Looks like you might get your chance this weekend, eh?

Table Mountains said...

the best time for bird hunting in that area is when the winds are high and it's raining.

Anonymous said...

wayne,your in for a brush fromm noel today. any chance of getting some video or photos to show online.

clive anderson