Thursday, August 05, 2010

Government Working on Solution to Windy Problem

VOCM News. Aug 4-2010
Government appears to be working on a better way to inform drivers about high winds on the Trans Canada in the Wreckhouse area. A woman from central Newfoundland complained to government after being in a nasty accident. Fran told VOCM BackTalk with Bill Rowe, she and her husband had stopped because of the wind. When it died down slightly, they resumed their journey, but soon after, their four-by-four truck and 21-foot camper tipped over on the road. She says they went straight across the road, and were trapped in the vehicle. She says it took three men to hold up the door so that they could get out. She says her complaint to the government was that they have a big green sign warning drivers, but unless you stop to read it all or drive by slowly enough, you're not going to get all the information.

Fran says Transportation Minister Tom Hedderson sent her an email stating that government had received a report from a consultant who was working on developing alternative solutions to inform drivers of the Wreckhouse area's windy conditions. A solution is expected to be in place by the fall.

I doubt if Minister Hedderson knows where the Wreckhouse is. I listened to him on a Radio interview last year and his solution to Truckers at that time was to turn around on the Wreckhouse parking lot and turn back. That of all places is where no one should be when the winds are high there. As for the solution to be in place by fall? I doubt it! The only solution is a Digital Sign warning on both ends.


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amazing you sell your wreckhouse photos?

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