Friday, August 06, 2010

Newfoundland Chipmunks

The only info I can seem to gather on the Chipmunks in Newfoundland. (Chipmunks were introduced in 1962 to the Island) Either then that,nothing! Makes me wonder why bring them and who bought them here.

Will, recently they introduced themselves to my Garden and have gotten quite comfortable. They (3) have taken up refuge under a Rock pile on which I have Flowers and I also noticed an escape Den under an old Tree that I had to saw down after a wind storm last fall. I first noticed them near a Bird Feeder I have gathering Sunflower Seeds dropped by the Birds. Granddaughter feeds them and they become quite tame within minutes. Hopefully they won't cause me no problems by trying to get in the house or I may have to capture them and relocate them a few miles away. Few pics of Alvin,Theodore and Simon in my Garden here. Anyone finding any more info on them,please post.

Newfoundland Chipmunk

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