Monday, August 09, 2010

A Monday Morning on the Island of Newfoundland

Checking CBC News, NL this morning I came across this Article: "Six Moose accidents across Newfoundland."

Six moose-vehicle collisions on a Monday morning and the days not over with yet. No reports of injuries, but I wonder what if that article had said six fatalities or more? Guys like Eugene Nippard (Grand Falls,NL) and Stuart Pearce from my region have been trying to address this issue for quite sometime now. After this mornings News I think quite a few more will start to take them serious.

Recently,Rex Murphy wrote a column in the Nation Post entitled " Newfoundland on the Horns of a Moose Dilemma."

One of Rex's comments must send chills up the back of our Tourism Department staff here.Visitors get killed here in accidents involving moose. I wonder how many have had Moose-vehicle collisions while visiting the Island. I doubt if that's one statistic the Government wants known. Maybe someone can dig and find out. So I wonder what Tuesday morning on the Island will bring?

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