Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Route 470 or the Granite Trail
What ever you want to call it makes no difference. A name simply cannot do justice to the beauty of that area. Yesterday we made the excursion to the Living Outport of Rose Blanche and I grabbed a few shots along the way. To tell the truth,my main reason was to get a great meal of Fish & Chips again at the Friendly Fishermans Cafe. Yeah,that's the actual photo of it on top. Like the names we associate with the area,the photo cannot do justice to the taste of it. Here are a few shots of the area from yesterday in no particular order.

Salmon Cove, Rose Blanche
Rose Blanche Harbour
Rose Blanche
Harbour Le Cou
My Niece & Granddaughter

Optical Zoom shot,taken from Rose Blanche


Brian said...

Man those fish n chips look Moorish.
Great shots again Wayne, any calls from NL tourism yet?

Table Mountains said...

No calls,not even a single thank you from the honorable terry french.