Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Attention Mr. Williams !

Manufacturers, NAPE Question Leaders
September 26, 2007

NAPE is using the election to get commitments from the political parties as it relates to home care workers. The union says workers in that industry are paid abysmally low wages, which in turn has created hiring problems for companies. NAPE says the problems will continue as long as government policy relegates pay for home care workers to little more than minimum wage. Union president Carol Furlong says they can find greater benefits working in the fast food industry than caring for the sick and elderly.

Furlong is calling on all three parties to outline their plans to deal with the wage issue.

Probably one of the biggest crisis in the province and no one in Government will acknowledge it. If something drastic happened in the Home Care system tomorrow and someone suffered terribly we would see many champions of the cause. Until that time it'll be just thrown on the back burners and forgotten. Mr Wiliams you can be a champion of the cause in the present and not the future when it might be to late for some. Please help the Home Support Workers in NL have a better life. Those we help, know we care. Let us all know you care also!


denise said...

wayne your always pushing the bad more can't do it but at least you have the guts to try.

Brian said...

Intestinal fortitude indeed, pity more people in the province are not like Wayne.
Did you understand the answer that the Danny gave to your question on last nights H&N Wayne? I did not. The other two answers were less than encouraging, but I did understand them.

Nice to see the beach pictures back up on the header. They remind me of beaches I came across on the west coast of Ireland. I was hiking from Tralee to Ballyheigue, eerily similar.