Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

The Union leaders in our province seem to be optimistic about the future of employees in NL. A recent news release to VOCM shows that Carol Furlong is expecting more and pointing to those in the Home Care sector who she claims are still well underpaid. I suspect the majority of those Home Support workers are going to work today. They receive only six paid holidays each year and working them gives extra money on a paycheck. Hopefully by next Labor Day things will be a bit better for all Home Support Workers.


kkibbe said...

Hello Wayne. Like your blog, lots of interesting info on the area. Came across your blog after looking for info on the McDougall's area. We are buying a house/cottage there and are about to come down in 2 weeks time for a weeks stay. Can't wait to see the area better. (We just drove through before on the highway.) We bought the house via pictures on the net... Kevin,VA3SU

Table Mountains said...

hello there,i see you from waterloo,ont.
just start chatting with the locals in the mcdougals area when you arrive and im sure they will be very helpful with any questions you have. great mountain scenery and a lot of wild coastline to explore.