Sunday, September 16, 2007

Got out this evening to pick a few Partridge Berries so it looks like i'll be having a muffin for lunch this evening. I suspect it took me less then 45 minutes to go and return with a small container full. The ones in the photo quickly went into my mouth. For those who have never experience the taste of a Partridge Berry it's difficult for me to describe, so i won't. I will say they tasted great! So darn good we have actually written a song or two about them. Here's one from a NL Group called Buddywasisname and the other Fellers.

Partridge berry jam, partridge berry jam,
Best darn food ever known to man;
Smear it knee deep on some homemade bread,
Or eat it right from the jar.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Those partridge berries look like red berries to me ;-} sorry folks, a little private joke.
Either way, pie, jam, muffin or cake, its god’s food for sure.