Monday, September 17, 2007

Just looking at some of the news articles on the Auditor Generals report from last week. It shows that a MHA claimed mileage from St. John’s to their district as 700 km, then, in 2004-05 increased this to 800 km and claimed 54 trips, and in 2005-06 increased this to 900 km and claimed 43 trips.” Continental drift i suspect! In 1990 i started in Home Care and could charge 22.5 per kilometer when i had a client in my vehicle. In 2007, my travel allowance is still 22.5 per kilometer and my trips are the same distance.

Mr. Bill Matthews who use to be a provincial MHA before he went federal claimed receipts from restaurants in one location (18 of 19 in St. John’s) which were dated during a period where private vehicle mileage claims submitted by the member indicated he was on travel status in another location (18 of 19 in his Grand Bank district). I suspect that may of been part of the ombudsman syndrome disease that was rampant at that time.

One of our MHA's might of been a cross dresser with thousands spent on ladies clothes and perfumes. If so, i just hope he gets a bit of help before he goes on to become a Transsexual.

Bill Murray if you happen to stumble across my Blog, i would just like to wish you well and don't blame you for what's happen here in NL recently. I suspect it's the criminal element you associated with.

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denise said...

chatting with mom this evening and she said that was the topic at timmys this morning.a lot of people really ticked about the whole deal.