Monday, September 10, 2007

Each season here can connect us closer to the earth's cycles while bringing a bit of joy to our lives. Something simple like a quick excursion to the sand shoals to watch the shorebirds wade and feed for a few hours can be relaxing. To breathe in the last perfumes of summer's flowers or sample a few wild berries straight from the earth is taken for granted here.

The transition from spring to summer to fall to winter here is very noticeable in rural NL.
I sometimes wonder
how people do that in large cities such as New York or other large centers?

Saturday i had a few hours off from work and even though it was not what one would consider a great day weather wise, my granddaughter and i went for a little excursion. She got to try Periwinkles for the first time but didn't quite like the taste when i cooked them for her later.

We sat near the shoals and observed Piping Plovers, a bird on the brink of extension feed. We watched ducks,Sandpipers,Blue Herons and other species that frequent the area. Our little excursion only lasted about two hours and we never saw another person during that time. She started Kindergarten this year and hopefully we'll get a few more days out and around before the birds migrate.

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