Tuesday, February 12, 2008

90 Day Jane

Jane Doe's Blog declares that in 90 days she will kill herself.At first i thought this was just a hoax and someone was enjoying a bit of attention.I noticed the lack of Google ads and the high number of replies.That person if they wanted could make a few dollars with the blog by using ads.I suspect in a few days the blog will attract thousands of viewers and posters each posting they make.I also wonder how many teens are following it and how many will look up to this person as a hero.I wonder if Jane Doe's action will mean the death of some young person who just might like the idea?


Charles Cheeseman said...

Great top photo. Just curious, where exactly is that, or what is the name of the beach ..?

Table Mountains said...

the locals call that beach "big sand." it's just a kilometer or two from my community and behind it is a large saltwater lagoon we call big barhoisway.we have quite a few beaches and they stretch from cape ray to port aux basques. this one (the largest)is probably a kilometer long.beautiful area in the summer!