Monday, February 04, 2008

Lets make a deal

The Auditor General of NL is saying, "there just isn't enough audit coverage."Were paying doctors in our province for services they never performed. In one instance a Psychiatrist over billed the province almost a million dollars for services they didn't perform. He/she wants to repay half that amount for the non existent services and the province wants to cut a deal for $600,000 leaving them with $400,000 for something they never did. The CBC News article points out similar cases. The ordinary Joe like myself can only look at the big picture and shake his head. Maybe we didn't need all that extra revenue from our vast natural resources in this province to be a so called "have province," but better bookkeeping. What we do need right now is for the Auditor General to keep digging and more staff if needed. Ross Wiseman says it is necessary to negotiate with the Physicians to recover the money. Great plan there Ross! I'm sure they'll agree to pay back a portion of it and keep the rest they never worked for! Dr. Joe Tumilty says it best."The good Doctor says the physicians won't participate in the audits unless they have a say in how much they pay back. Maybe the ordinary Joe like myself should have a say in the matter.I say,if they don't pay back every dollar for services they never performed,charge them with thief and try and suspend their medical licenses.

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