Friday, February 15, 2008

Flawed Logic?

Will this story made the big times! The Globe & Mail picked it up today.

Trail's trestles, bridges closed over safety worry

St. John's -- The Newfoundland government has closed all trestles, bridges and other structures on a provincewide trail because of concerns over their safety.

T'Railway Provincial Park follows the former track route of the Canadian National Railway, from St. John's to Port aux Basques. Transport Canada inspected 109 structures and found that 18 of them pose an unreasonable safety risk.

18 structures are deemed to be unsafe and the government closes down 109 across the island. Yesterday the same government said it would shut down 22 personal care homes in the province because they have no sprinkler systems. Using the same logic i wonder why they didn't want to shut down all personal care homes? Today i went out to check the bailey bridge close to where i live to see if a barricade had been put in place. Nothing was erected by 3 pm today so i drove across it. That bailey bridge (in the top photo) was only recently placed there and cost many thousands of dollars after an environmental assessment. I always heard the phrase if it's not broke don't fix it. So if it's not broke don't touch it!


Brian said...

I listened to a Transport Canada spokesperson say that TC had had complaints of unsafe trestles. Sounded to me TC only looked at certain trestles from a safety in the waterways angle i.e. something falling off a trestle and harming some one below.
NLG may have overreacted or it may genuinely have a reason to close all, mainly from a liability angle I would think. Non the less things seem a little fishy with what has transpired in the last week with this issue, then what does seem right with anything that government does these days [handling of the personal care homes the way they have for one]

angus said...

i think in central they may have some ice problems but i too fail to see why they close them all. here we will see snowmobiles on the main road in places detouring because they have to.i guess it is still safer then crossing a river.leave it to danny and company.

Anonymous said...

cool photos.looks like fun on the west coast.